Have you ever imagined of interacting with your customers, of replying to their questions as well as guiding them through a new buying experience within a Social chat…without anyone physically managing a conversation? This is what HELLO BOT does for you: an easy, plug-and- play that automatically interacts with customers via Social Networks! Now you can create your own BOT and plug it into Facebook Messenger, Telegram and WhatsApp.
Forget the old APPs and let your Facebook followers reserve their favourite table, order some food to be delivered or just ask for a recipe for your own cooking experience, simply via Facebook Messenger: your BOT will answer and process the order, and thank your customers on your behalf! You can also embed photo, images and PDF in order to enhance your BOT’s functions and customers’ experience.
Your customers shouldn’t be bothered about tracking their order, your BOT is there to help and ready to answer their questions: who is the carrier? Where’s the parcel? When the product is going to be delivered? Simple and effective.

You might not know what’s hidden behind HELLO BOT’s technology, at first glance it might look quite difficult to understand but it’s actually very simple and straightforward. You can set it up yourself, plug it into your favourite Social Network and off you go! By presetting selected key-words BOT will recognize and perform the actions required, such as: starting a conversation with customers, processing an order, and so on…For a deeper insight of your BOT functionalities contact us and we will customize it for your business

Let your Social Network’s Chat be powerful for your business! You will not need a “real” person to manage your conversations and let people’s Social Networks habits speak for you to enhance your business. To do so you only need a “real intelligence”, what you really need is HELLO BOT! Easy to use and straight to the point!